Nutralyfe Re-Gain Growth FAQ’s

1. I am on steroid; Can I Consume Nutralyfe Regain?

If you are in your steroid, then, we will recommend you to consult your doctor first before you opt to Nutralyfe Regain.

2. Will hair grow naturally

Regain is formulated with different natural ingredients and enriched with nutrients. It will improve all the phases of hair growth and your hair will grow naturally.

3. Does it consume by pregnant women?

We won’t recommend it in the pregnancy as the pregnant women have the different requirement.

4. Is biotin good for hair?

Biotin helps in the formation of keratin protein. Hair and nails are made up of keratin protein and biotin helps in the formation of that protein. Regain is biotin enriched supplement that improves all phases of hair growth.

5. Is the capsule edible?

Yes. It is the vegetarian capsule and fit to consume.

6. Is it effective for the hereditary baldness?

Yes. Hereditary restricted 50% of hair growth. But the rest can be repaired up to some extent. Regain works on the remaining 50%.

7. Is it safe for the Kids?

We will not have recommended for the kids as they are still in their tender age and their hormones are growing.

8. Is it helpful in curing dandruff problems?

Yes. Keeping this problem in mind, we used Brahmi as one of the main ingredients that help in dandruff and itchy scalp. So, Regain will help you to cure dandruff problem.

9. Is Regain effective for hair thinning?

Yes. As it is enriched with biotin, it will promote hair growth and aids to stop hair thinning.

10. Is Regain good for men and women?

Yes. Regain is good for both men and women.